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Pro Audio Services. Music & More.

STUDIOCAT has everything you need to create the Music that will get you noticed. Record, Mix & Master all your music here and stay ON BUDGET! Call Today. Also offering In-Studio VIDEOS that are great for Marketing & Selling your Music. Need a Guitarist or an Instrumental? We also have In Studio Musicians and Producers to take your Record to the Next Level! Call or Email Today and book your Next Album with STUDIOCAT.

Sound Recording

StudioCat offers Sound Recording in Phoenix, AZ. With two Studios built to offer Bands, Singers & Musicians, High Quality Sound and the PRICE they need to match their budget.

With Neuman & Audio Technica top of the line mics and all the latest gear to get the job done!



Your Record is as only as good as your Mix! Make your music really Pop. Have one of the StudioCat engineers mixdown your track and get the most out of your music!

A home studio mix can't compare. You want that Mainstream sound and this is how to get it! Call Today.

Digital Mastering

Want to compete with the Mainstream? Of Course. Then you need Digital Mastering to bring your Music Mix to Industry Level Quality that your fans Expect!

Mastering is the Final Step in the  Audio Post-Production process that is needed for the Highest Quality Sound prior to CD Manufacturing or Online Distibution.

Music Production

Need some Instrumentals or help producing that next Big Hit? STUDIOCAT can arrange for producers and get you the Beat you need to create that Epic Record you need..

Bringing in Songwriters or Producers with a New style can help get your project off the ground and take your Sound to a Mainstream Level..​


Studio Musicians

Guitarist, Pianist, Violinist... We can book you a Studio Musician to help you Produce that next Great Song. Call Today and we can arrange a musician for your recording or production session.  A studio musician can add another flavor to your music​.



NEW! Now offering Visual Marketing Solutions. Get a great In Studio VIDEO of you creating your Music. Video products by TRITON HD VISUALS. See some of their work at TRITONHD.NET

Instudio Videos can be used for a DVD, YOUTUBE, or general PROMOTIONS. Sell more Music and get More FANS with an HD Video of you working at STUDIOCAT.​


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